Graphic Designer

Tom Norland


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Horned Industrial

I wanted to design a font that I felt I would use. I wanted it to be both fantastical and industrial. 

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Fabric Design

In my first year at Goldsmiths, University of London we were given a curated tour of London’s V&A museum, and invited to choose one of the exhibits and use it as inspiration for our own design.

T-shirt Design

It’s not a T-shirt.  It’s a Schmee Shirt!  

Product Design

I have a friend who volunteers for a non-profit community shop that supports young kids called the Travel Time Mart.  (  It’s a funky place that sells all kinds of humorous products, and this gave me the idea to develop my own line of humorous products and design their packaging.

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Subculture Project

"What Comes Next?" is an exploration into youth counter-culture and subculture, what defines it, ant what it looks like in its many forms.

Logo Designs

While I was taking driving lessons in Los Angeles in the Summer of 2019, I had a driving instructor who was opening a new bar-b-que business. We got chatting and he commissioned me to design a logo for his restaurants.  He wanted the logo to be black and white, and I wanted to make it special to Los Angeles, so the shape of the shield is modelled on the famous Beverly Hills road sign.  


Hi! My name is Tom Norland and I am a student at Goldsmith's College, University of London, studying Design.  I have taken courses at many prestigious art schools including the Rhode Island School of Design, DesignCentre in Pasadena, and Los Angeles Community College. I am also the author of a book called 'Incurable', which is about type 1 diabetes.  Aside from design, I love fashion, second hand shops, photography, youth counter-culture, and music. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me below. 

Email: | Tel: +1 323-791-8062

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