Motif Project

For this project, I had to do a blind contour of a random object in class. From this blind contour, I had to create two motifs that I liked. I then had to create several circular compositions that I liked, and then narrow them down to one final composition. I created my first one, but was unsatisfied with the result, so I redid the entire project using the same motifs, and came up with a much better, simpler, and cleaner final project. 


Repetition Project

For the final project of my 2D Design course, I had to create a work that used on of the key elements of design that we had learned about. I decided to create a piece based on the work "Christ's Entry Into Brussels in 1889" by James 

Ensor. I did a similar idea of a deity being surrounded many figures. So I created my own version using characters I call Shmees. Whilst they are all different for the most part, the consistent shape of their bodies and sheer amount of figures gives this piece the element of repetition. 


Religion Project

This piece was sold in a gallery show to raise money for type one diabetics, and was featured along side other artists such as Sheppard Fairey, and Nancy Baker Cahill. For this Project, I had to come up with a series of illustrations dealing with the subject matter of religion. For this piece I decided to take on the hypocrisy of religion. I took the image of haps praying with a rosary, and Photoshopped a cigarette into those hands. I then outlined all the shapes and shaded them in Illustrator.