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Tom Norland, designer



Tom Norland is a multi-disciplinary designer and artist based in South-East London, United Kingdom. ​Tom was born in Los Angeles, California, and attended high school there, at The Episcopal School of Los Angeles until graduating in 2017. Tom then attended Los Angeles City and Valley Colleges, taking courses in graphic design, animation, typography, and web design. In 2018, Tom began studying Design at Goldsmiths': University of London, until graduating with a BA in Design in June of 2021. 

Tom enjoys pushing boundaries and working with experimental and new ideas within the field of design. During their final year of BA Design at Goldsmiths, Tom created the online archive and resource for the disabled and chronically ill community, built through the framework of glitches and experimental coding/design practices. In the creation of The Human System, Tom discovered a passion that they hope to continue in their work: using experimental and nuanced design methods and create solutions for marginalised peoples around the world. 

Tom is also an electronic musician. One of Tom's design projects on the Goldsmiths undergraduate program was a brief about escaping. To escape their stage fright, Tom came up with Billy Kazaam, an eccentric alter ego, modelled off the rockstars of the past, Bowie, Jagger, Axel Rose. But this project has continued well past the hand in date. Billy Kazaam is now an ongoing part of Tom's practice, allowing Tom to separate professional work from personal, and expand into new mediums, like music, video, and more.

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