Project 1 Mockup.jpg
Fabric Design

In my first year at Goldsmiths, University of London we were given a curated tour of London’s V&A museum, and invited to choose one of the exhibits and use it as inspiration for our own design.  When I walked into the historical fabrics, I knew immediately what I wanted to do. This fabric is based on 17th century dress fabrics. The original fabrics were ornate and embroidered and beautiful, so I wanted to replicate that as much as possible. I used the images of the cross to signify the religious significance of the original dress fabrics. At the time of their usage, whenever one print or style of dress fabric went out of fashion, it was given to the Church, who used it to make clothes for the priests. I also added in baroque swirls and grape vines to emulate the aesthetic of the time period. Finally, I used the color red to symbolize the wealth of the class of people who were wearing such fabrics. Red was the most difficult dye to come by at the time, making it more expensive and signifying the wealth of the wearer.