While I was taking driving lessons in Los Angeles in the Summer of 2019, I had a driving instructor who was opening a new bar-b-que business. We got chatting and he commissioned me to design a logo for his restaurants.  He wanted the logo to be black and white, and I wanted to make it special to Los Angeles, so the shape of the shield is modelled on the famous Beverly Hills road sign.  


During that summer, I also thought about redesigning some of the famous logos that have become part of the everyday fabric of life in the 21st century.  This, as it turns out, was much harder to do than I first imagined.  How do you improve on the Nike swoosh that doesn’t even carry the words Nike, and yet everyone knows what it is?  How do you get away from Apple’s apple?  My most successful logo redesign was the one for Uber, which incidentally, has changed many times since its launch.

Logo Designs
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