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Magazine Covers

These are magazine covers that I created to show off some of my technical graphic skills. I wanted to use images of my friends and illustrations I made for these projects in a variety of styles. I used already established magazine covers for these mockups, to show that my designs can be diverse, as well as practical.

Lucy Gaston - Billboard.jpg

For this cover, I used a picture of my girlfriend, and created a pop music personal for her. I used the already establishes format of Billboard's cover, and used multiple fonts and a color-scheme that I felt complimented the image. 

time cover copy.jpg

For this piece, I wanted to cover an ongoing and very topical issue. These topics can be difficult to tackle, but I wanted to give it my best shot. I decided Time Magazine would fit this cover the best, for both the style and the topic. I wanted to try my hand at using some illustration skills for this one. I spent a long time creating a vector image of a crowd, and then used Photoshop to create a watercolour stain effect.

Plastic Houses - TRAX copy.jpg

For this cover, I wanted to do a mockup of French electronic music magazine, TRAX. The style of their covers was something I felt was comfortable within my skillset. I used an image of myself and a friend, and came up with a name and a logo for our fictional electronic dude, Plastic Houses. 

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